Alex Vella, Founder

Vella Technologies LLC was founded in 2010 by Alex Vella, PMP,  a 30 year veteran of the  IT industry. Experienced in the Defense, Healthcare, Insurance, Telecom, State and Local Industries, Alex’s broad but direct experience in the IT industry allows him to provide professional IT consulting that is efficient, risk adverse as well as cost effective.

Alex served with the U.S. Air Force with the former Strategic Air Command, Western Space & Missile Command in the support of Communications Command while stationed at Vandenberg AFB, California as well as Zaragoza AB, Spain. Alex earned a B.S. in Business Management with the University of LaVerne, in San Bernardino, California. Additional technical work was conducted at Sam Houston Institute of Technology.

Alex is a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI.org) and is a frequent guest lecturer to MBA and Software Engineering students who attend  Florida Gulf Coast University.

Alex is a long time board member of the FGCU Software Engineering Advisory Board as well as the Dunbar High School IB STEM Advisory Board.


Rick Margerison, CTO

Driven IT professional with notable success, directing a broad range of Enterprise initiatives while participating in planning, analysis, and implementation of solutions in support of business objectives.

•In depth experience with the Hypervisor abstraction layer. Strong focus has been towards but not limited to VMware since ESX3.5 to current. In depth understanding of the core functionalities of virtualization and to most effectively monitor, utilize and configure for optimal uptime and ROI. Excellent understanding of infrastructure and the requirements needed to plan for rollout strategies including Hypervisors, transports and switching, and SAN interconnectivity.
•Excellent Proof of Concept design, execution and “go-to-live” experience. Understanding and envisioning of company goals, expectations and budgeting.
•Customer support and appropriate escalation experience from tier 1-4 support levels
•Effectively conceptualizing new, and documenting existing strategies to improve business continuity and workflows with relevance to the intended audience and the efficiently addressing clearly desired information of the listener.
•Strategizing with existing technical staff and hold the ability to explain “in English” to C-level audiences directives.
•Many years of system administration experiences starting with NT3.51 up to current Windows Server 2012. Excellent handle on the different areas of Active Directory and how each areas tie into hardware and software including VMware (SSO, network security with SDN’ing and hypervisor host hardening)
•Experience with many other manufacturers with direct relation to virtualization and VDI delivery strategies and what is needed for a successful roll out. Experience in Cisco UCS products. Was first to install and configure UCS blade architecture in Florida.
•Experienced in planning, managing, executing and completion all levels of executions and migrations while supplying fully documented deliverables.